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This second day was simply wonderful. We woke when it was light out and I remember it feeling like it lasted an eternity. We spent so much time just relaxing. The sheep around the cottage were an amusement. We tried making friends but they would bleat and run off whenever we stepped outside. I sat in the grass for a long while sketching and a few wandered close but ran off as soon as Anson returned.

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Unless you’ve spent long days away from everyone and everything it’s hard for me to describe how it felt to be away from it all. Life is simplified. Having stayed here, part of me would choose to never leave. There is something about a life of days wandering hillsides and sketching indoors when it is rainy. Of rustic hot baths and simple dinners. They appeal to me.

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That afternoon the weather rolled in. We went out at least once hoping it would pass but got caught in more rain and sheltered under a hillside bush till it passed. So we spent the rest of the evening indoors.

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