Our selection of gear we can’t live without.

The HERO4 Silver may not be the latest and greatest, but it’s perfect for capturing the cool places we often find ourselves exploring, and the price really works for us. The GoPro ecosystem of accessories is really what sets this brand apart from the competition, and we continually find new and exciting uses for this amazing little camera.

This is Anson’s go-to camera, and it’s got a lot of cool technology packed into this body. On top of the superb Nikon full-frame image quality, there’s also a great quiet shutter setting, a super-useful tilting LCD screen, and a lightning-quick 6.5 fps full-image capture mode. If you’re ready for a step up from your basic DSLR, this is a great camera to switch to!

The Phantom 3 Professional is one of our newest tools, and we’re both in love with it already! The world of video really opens up wide with a quadcopter like this, and we continually get excited about all the previously impossible shots we’re able to get. We’re starting to plan some of our trips now around having this camera and all the capability it brings with it. The Phantom 4 was recently announced, so you may be able to pick this one up for a great price!

This camera is what really got things started for us. Naomi upgraded from a Nikon D80 to this amazing piece of technology a few years ago, and hasn’t looked back. Although it’s a bit pricey, the image quality just can’t be beat by anything else we’ve ever used. Not to mention that every other photographer you meet will be seriously envious (including Anson).

If Naomi had to pick just one lens to use for the rest of her professional life, this would be it. Great in any light, this lens particularly shines as the sun starts to set, picking up all sorts of light for crisp, sharp, beautiful images each and every time. If you’ve never used a prime lens, and are looking to add to your current zoom lens, this is a great all-around candidate, especially for landscape or still-life shots!

We grabbed our Phantom 3 Professional in a deal that included this backpack, but if we hadn’t, it would’ve been our first purchase. It not only gives you plenty of hard-shell protection for your new investment, but also has tons of room for spare batteries (we keep an extra four with us), props, cables, spare parts, and the base controller. Perfect for travelling!

This camera bag is just amazing. We regularly use it to haul around three DSLR cameras with all the associated lenses, batteries, filters, chargers, and even a tripod. It’s well protected, so you don’t have to worry about damage to your gear, and it fits way more than you’d think from looking at the outside. If you can’t fit it in this bag, you probably won’t need it!

We were pretty happy with our hand-held GoPro footage until we stumbled across this little gem. Now we can’t imaging shooting without it. It’s a three-axis stabilizer that instantly gives your footage a professional feel. It has several modes so you can get the perfect panning motion, can be controlled via your phone for remote motion, and comes with rechargeable batteries and a charger. We use it either as a hand-held, or coupled with whatever selfie-stick we happen to have for ultra-smooth video.

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